Monday, 30 March 2015

Vine Frolicking

Wine Tours. One of my favourite things to go on in the whole world. A day where you can eat, drink and frolic in vines, and an excuse to dress up all summery and wear a big floppy hat, I mean what more could you possibly want?

Well Saturday was one of those days and the weather was divine. Here in Western Australia the Swan Valley is well known for it's wonderful wineries and beautiful views.
My 20th birthday is coming up and I've wanted to do a wine tour for quite a while so after going on this one I definitely know what plans I will be making for my birthday. If you have been on a wine tour you will know what I mean.
So until the next wine tour post, here are some happy snaps of my day :)
Hope you had as wonderful of a weekend as I did xx


Lots of Love,

Friday, 20 March 2015

10 Reasons To Smile Today

There are so many reasons everyday to smile that we all so easily miss. So today and everyday make a conscious effort to try and smile a bit more and I promise someone will smile back.

Photo taken by Jo Currie, taken from World Vision.

10 reasons you should smile today.

1. Today is the International Day of Happiness
2. Smiles are like yawns, contagious. If you smile someone else will smile with you.
3. Today you could meet someone that could change your life
4. It's Friday!
5. Somebody loves you!
6. Nothing is prettier than happy
7. Someone's life was saved today
8. You're wonderful
9. Today is the happiest day of someone's life
10. You're alive

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My T2 Tea Collection

I thought there was no better day to blog about my teas than when I am at home sick living off of them. I say this is my collection but this is more my obsession. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love tea and T2 in particular makes the most beautiful teas.
Whenever I go into T2 it is a miracle if I come out with nothing. I go in there and fall in love every single time and always find an excuse to buy more. Once I started to get a few different types of teas the boxes started to look a bit messy and it is recommended to keep them in some type of a pot or jar to keep them more fresh. So here is where my creative side came in, here in Australia we have a shop called Kmart which is so cheap and has cute simple bits and bobs that can so easily be turned into something beautiful. These jars were only $2 each! Which I thought was crazy cheap considering how good quality and big they are. I thought these jars were a perfect fit considering how lovely they look wherever they are placed and match our kitchen perfectly.

I own 6 different types of teas, first the ever so popular English Breakfast Tea, which I don't think you can ever go wrong with, The Irish Breakfast Tea which is a stronger version of the English Breakfast, The Melbourne Breakfast Tea which might just be my favourite it is regular black tea with a hint of vanilla (which is my all time favourite), The Deliciously Dreamy Tea which is a night time tea and so relaxing before bed, Strawberries and Cream which is an extremely sweet tea which I much prefer as an ice-tea and last but not least Green Rose which has to be my other favourite, this is an 'afternoon tea' and is so nice just to make a pot of and sip on.

If anyone else drinks T2 and can recommend something yummy I'm so excited to continue with my growing collection!

 I have quite a big mug collection but this has to be one of my favourites it is so big and you can wrap your hands completely around the cup. Perfect.

Deliciously Dreamy

 Green Rose

Strawberries and Cream

Lots of Love, 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Zoeva's Heavenly Rose Gold Complete Eye Set

As soon as I first saw a photo of the ever so famous Rose Gold Zoeva brush sets I knew it wouldn't take long until I would have had to have them myself. Much to my surprise I did well and held off buying them for quite a while. I would find myself on the Zoeva website every day at work for weeks convincing myself why I needed them so much. If anyone else is in this position I will save you the hassle and tell you to buy them. I mean they are rose gold? do you really need much more of a reason. 
Well just in case you do here are a few reasons I think you should splurge and buy these beauties. I always used to be one for not wanting to spend a lot of money on makeup brushes when I could buy cheaper ones from brands like Elf for $3 a brush. but you don't realise how much easier makeup is when you have good brushes, they blend even tough eye shadows out like a dream. It makes your life 100 times easier!

On the Zoeva website the Complete Rose Gold Eye set comes to 65 Euro which here in Australia is the equivalent of around 90 Australian dollars. When you do the math between the 12 brushes it ends up being only around 7 dollars and 50 cents a brush! (bargin if you ask me) for the quality and the pure heavenly appearance of these brushes.
The 12 brushes include: 228/ Luxe Crease, 231/ Luxe Petite Crease, 227/ Luxe Soft Definer, 322/ Brow Line, 142/ Concealer Buffer, 234/ Luxe Smoky Shader, 226/ Smudger, 224/ Luxe Defined Crease, 230/ Luxe Pencil, 237/ Detail Shader, 315/ Fine Liner and last but not least 317/ Wing Liner.  I really don't think you could go wrong. Every brush you could ever need to create so many diverse eye looks is right there. (Not saying you can ever have enough makeup brushes though).
I have read and heard so many wonderful things about these brushes and let me tell you they certainly didn't disappoint. I purchased mine off of For anyone purchasing these brushes from Australia I definitely recommend giving this site a look, they are extremely reasonable and shipping took just over two weeks!

Lots of Love, 

Monday, 9 March 2015

50 facts about Liz

My first blog post! Where do I even start?
Firstly my name is Elizabeth Tarran but you can just call me Liz! I'm 19 (almost 20) and I live in Perth Western Australia. I have a mind that just wants to travel and find all of the worlds best kept secrets, I drink way too much tea, and I spend way too much money on makeup.

I'm new to this but after hours and hours of reading countless wonderful blogs I have been inspired to build up the courage and start my own. With me going to Europe in June/July and getting a new camera for my birthday I thought there probably isn't a more perfect time.

My blog won't just consist of 1 thing but the many beautiful things in my life, the beautiful people, travels, food, beauty and the little things in life that just make me smile.

So before I bore you I've come up with 50 random facts about myself to help you get to know me a little better!

1. I drink a lot of tea
2. I am 5 foot 2
3. I don't smoke
4. I own so much more underwear than I need
5. I was born with extra bones in my thumbs
6. I love stars
7. I have 3 piercings (4) if you count both ears
8. I like to think I'm organised. I'm not.
9. I basically love anything with vanilla in it
10. My favourite colour of the moment is white
11. I am indecisive
12. I love fairy lights, I feel they can make anywhere look magical
13. I am a dog person
14. I am allergic to cats
15. There is just something about Hugh Jackman
16. I've always wanted to be given white roses
17. I procrastinate, a lot.
18. I can't stand plane food
19. I have a younger brother and sister
20. I can't be around people who chew loudly
21. I find it hard to sit still whist speaking on the phone
22. I love horror movies and romcoms
23. When a good song comes on I will continue driving around with it on full blast until it finishes
24. I was born in England, but live in Australia
25. I love watching/ reading Jamie Oliver's recipes
26. I care too much about what people think about me
27. I've never broken a bone
28. I'm very picky when it comes to the texture of foods
29. I can't stand magpies
30. I love the sound of rain
31. I love fireworks
32. Every time I watch the movie titanic 100% of me hopes it will end differently
33. I love the sims, I can play for hours
34. I have two dogs, Mavis and Norman.
35. I love rollercoasters but get pretty scared of waterslides
36. I love airports
37. I dislike the scent 'musk'
38. If you don't brush your teeth twice a day we can't be friends
39. I am an Iphone person
40. I can't stand rude people
41. I am not a competitive person
42. I can't really sing
43. I played a 7th dwarf in my year 7 play
44. I love bread and mash. (not together though)
45. I don't have a favourite number
46. The song 'Firework' by Katy Perry will always be one of my all time favourites
47. Once I find a song I like I will play it over and over again until I end up killing it
48. My birthday is in May
49. I went through a stage where I was obsessed with sloths
50. I love baths.

I really hope you enjoy my blog!

Hopefully speak soon x

Lots of love,