Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Saying goodbye to 2015 and a huge hello to 2016

I know at the end of every year everyone always says where has the year gone but 2015 has genuinely flashed before my eyes. 2015 for me has been an unforgettable year with more highs than I can count on my fingers and toes. Every year is going to come with it's lows as well but it's 2016 and we've all made it!

I started writing this long post about everything I had done and achieved in 2015 but then even I was getting lost throughout it so I thought I'd try and keep it a little bit more short and sweet. This past year has truly been one not to forget, with travelling to Europe and stopping uni to work full time everything has changed, but if I could go back and do it again I wouldn't change much at all. Maybe just the hangovers, I could take out those. To be able to be here to see 2016 and to say my family and friends are all happy and healthy, very cheesy and cliché but I am very thankful. 

In 2015 I went to my fair share of festivals, one to many wine tours, quit my four year job at the movies, started working full time, had one to many hangovers, experienced the clubs in Ibiza, went on a Contiki, lost my phone at nearly every festival I attended, found my phone at nearly every festival I attended, started my blog, fell in love with Vampire Diaries, I went to Harry Potter world, saw One Direction, saw Sam Smith, was introduced to Netflix, ate a snail, ate frog legs, climbed the Eifel tower, dyed my hair blonder, turned 20, missed a flight, went to England, Spain, Greece, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Amsterdam and Sweeden, I went to a charity ball, I went to a uni ball, I got my wisdom teeth out, I cried, I laughed until I cried and I certainly grew as a person.

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and New Year with your family and ate way to much food over the Christmas period. I also hope your 2016 is as wonderful as you all are.

Lots of Love,