Friday, 5 June 2015

Something Magical

Hello, Bonjour! Hallo, Ciao! and sorry!

I have been missing from my blog for quite some time. I know no excuses.
I am quite the perfectionist when it comes to some things and then other things I am not in so many ways. but my blog is one of the handful of things that I can't do unless it's perfect.

I created this blog for my travels (which are happening in two weeks eeep), to document all the magical places, people and things I find along the way. It would be a dream to one day travel lots and be able to blog my adventures as I go. If you don't dream big you won't achieve big.
Throughout my travels I would like to achieve so many things and find the best possible side of myself. I read so many travel blogs, my favourite being Tuula.
So the posts I have to come are the most exciting and hopefully the start of something truly magical.

Picture stolen from pinterest

Lots of Love,