Monday, 9 October 2017

5 things that help you go to sleep with a clear mind

Happy Monday & start to a new week!

Working full time means my weekends tend to fly past me in the blink of an eye. How can 2 days in the working week feel like forever yet two days on a weekend goes so quickly?!

Recently I have been putting in extra effort in waking up earlier in the mornings before work to give myself time to enjoy my breakfast and coffee before I have to rush out of the door and since doing this I have noticed such a difference in forgetting things, stress and general organisation in the morning.
In this doing nothing but benefiting my morning routine I have put in place a task for myself in doing the same thing in the evenings and clearing my mind as much as I can before going to sleep. Now this is harder than it looks and something I tend to struggle with. Before I know it I'm laying on top of my covers with my makeup still on and I've been scrolling instagram, facebook, instagram, snapchat, instagram, instagram for an hour +.

So I have put together some things I believe you will benefit from clearing your mind before you end your day.

1. They say 'clear environment = a clear mind'. Now I tend to struggle with this one and I'd like to think I am getting better as it's crazy how much a clean room can make you feel more relaxed and is just generally so much more inviting. My favourite is lighting a good candle and turning on my fairy lights as it automatically makes the room more cosy.

2. Turning off your phone/ staying off social media. I believe this is so important for at least the last 30 minutes of your day. I know I always feel more tired and relaxed if I am off of electronics before bed. Social media can be great but it can also be so unhealthy and going to bed not worrying about what anyone else is doing but yourself is the best thing you can do.

3. Reading a good book. I read everyday on the train to and from work yet never so much in the evenings. I want to say I don't know why I don't reach for my book more but I already know the answer, I automatically reach for my phone or Netflix. Even reading a couple of pages before bed will generally always make your eyes that little heavier helping you to drift off.

4. A cup of herbal tea. I am a massive tea fan, I own way to many teas (if that's possible) but I cannot go without my cup of tea at night. I try to steer away from any tea with caffine in it before bed but I large cup of herbal tea calms me and makes it that little easier to drift off. My go to is generally peppermint but you can never go wrong with trying different types out. I know a lot of brands now offer really good 'sleep' teas to help relax you before bed.

5. Writing your thoughts down. Now this is something that a lot of people have heard that it benefits you but I believe it's one of those things we say we'll do more and then only get to a handful of times. Writing your thoughts down at the end of your day is so beneficial when it comes to helping clear your mind. Night time is usually the time where a lot of our overthinking is done. Writing it down is a way of getting things off your chest and essentially saying goodbye to those thoughts, whether those be frustration, sadness, anger or even embracing the good things about your day.


I would love to hear what helps you clear your mind before bed.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend x x x

Lots of Love,