Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Not your average Monday

I would say I count myself extremely lucky to live where I live. It's around this time of year all the fall posts come out from the other side of the world and on my side it's time for warm nights, barbeques and incredible sunsets.
Yesterday it was my sisters 14th birthday and the warmest day we've had this Spring so far. 37 degrees Celsius, so spending the afternoon/ evening at the beach would be an opportunity to good to miss. With there being clouds splattered everywhere that usually means for an incredible sunset and an added bonus yesterday was the 'Super Moon'. So as the sun went down in front of me and incredibly big and bright moon rose from behind. Lucky for me this beach is only a 2 minute walk from my house and after a long day at work it's such an easy way to get out of and unwind, even if it is only 10 minutes.

Here's a few happy snaps from our not so average Monday evening! :)

Birthday girl!
My beautiful mumma.

Cheers to you Monday.

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 13 November 2016

4 Outfits Perfect For Summer

Hello! I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday wherever you are in the world.

Here in Australia summer is just around the corner and that means the boutiques come out with some of the cutest summer clothes and I just can't help myself. Every week theres just something cuter to convince myself I need. 
I've put together some of my favourite summer outfits that can be worn to a bunch of different occasions.

This dress is from my favourite online boutique Princess Polly. Princess Polly has the cutest selection of clothes and most of the time I would wear nearly everything on there. It's so inexpensive as well! If I remember correctly this dress was only around $50 Australian. It has the most beautiful lace details and the lilac colour is so unique but looks so feminine and pretty, it also laces up at the back giving it a low back. Which if you ask me if anything has a low back it's already right up my alley. Paired with some brown lace up sandals or heels, sunnies and a good nude lip and it's a perfect 'Sunday afternoon drinks' outfit.

Overalls this summer will be my go to casual outfit. They're so comfy and so easy to put on with a t-shirt underneath and you can switch up the t-shirt and create a different look every time. Paired with a pair of converse and either a baseball cap or a bandana as a headband it's a perfect casual weekend outfit for a whole heap of different occasions. The biggest bonus they we're only $55 Australian. (they're also from Princess Polly, I'm addicted).

You can never go wrong with a Horse watch. They're so beautiful.

In summer against a good tan a white playsuit always looks so flattering. This crochet one from the brand Mink Pink is a good choice always. It has a low back which automatically gives it a fancier element. This is the perfect festival playsuit. The brown purse is from an online brand Mon Purse. It was a birthday present and it's so unique and special as it has my initials! E.J.T, Elizabeth Jayne Tarran.

This dress is one of my absolute favourites, perfect weekend picnic dress that could also be worn to afternoon drinks. With a pair of lace up sandals and a good red lip this dress would look incredible on everyone.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends and have an even better week.

Lots of Love,