Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Hello London!

Today marks eight weeks since temporarily moving to the other side of the world and London as I knew has certainly not disappointed. I feel like so far I've only scratched the surface and there is so much for me still to see on this side of the world.
Eight weeks ago I hopped on a plane on my own and started a new adventure here in London and I was absolutely terrified, almost as terrified as I am to share my blog. I've had the blog Lots of Love Liz for a couple of years now and written a few handfuls of posts but barley shared it with anyone who knew me, except to a few of my close friends and family. The idea of sharing it with people who I actually know makes me so nervous and scares me so incredibly much! but whether it be reading other peoples or writing my own it's something I really enjoy doing and I have put it off since making this blog over two years ago.

So today I'm going to stop being such a woos and share it.
Since coming to the UK I have really enjoyed taking photos and making something look really beautiful out of something that might be simple. So this blog will consist of those photo's, my travels, and other things I love that I hope you will too.
and I really hope you enjoy.


Lots of Love,


  1. That's so amazing that you took the plunge and moved to a new city!! Where were you from originally? I would love to live a digital nomad lifestyle in the future where I can just travel around the world, each location for a couple of weeks.


  2. Such beautiful pictures. London is indeed beautiful.

    Bernie xx,